Zeph (surlygrrrly) wrote in foranimals,

Constitutionalized animal abuse-- coming to your state

Yesterday signaled a big loss for animals and those of us who care about them.

Issue 2, the proposed amendment to the Ohio state constitution to create a Livestock Standards Care Board, passed 65-35.

This board would consist almost entirely or entirely of indivudals sympathetic to industrial agriculture. Already names have been thrown around and none of them is on the side of animals. The board would create and enforce practices regarding farmed animals and other "livestock" such as horses and pets in the breeding industry.

The issue was framed as a food safety and animal welfare issue-- the tagline: "Safe local foods, excellent animal care." As a result, many well-intentioned people supported it, not knowing the true evil behind it.

It is, admittedly, a preemptive strike against animal welfare reform for Big Agriculture. The industry is running scared, after animal successes in states like California, which passed legislation to eliminate and reduce many common cruel animal husbandry practices. The Farm Bureau, one of the most powerful and insidious lobby groups in the world, led the movement. And, despite the claims of ensuring LOCAL food viability, the largest portion of financial support for Issue 2 came from out of state sources.

You should be very worried. This sweeping success will surely lead to similar movements in other states, just as the successful stripping of gay rights in California last spring played out again in Maine this November.
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