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foranimals's Journal

Columbus Ohio Animal Rights Community
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This is the community for those interested in animal rights and/or animal welfare. This community functions primarily as a place for animal advocates to gather and exchange ideas and information, although actual meetings will be organized on occasion. Membership is open to all who are passionate about animal rights and animal welfare, whether residing in Columbus or not, but any meetings will take place in the Columbus metro-area. Please refer to community rules for more detail.

*Community Rules*

1. Anyone may post in this community-- you need not be a member of Livejournal. If you are not a member of Livejournal, please post using the "anonymous" option, but include your name in the text of your post.

2. Posts MUST pertain to animals in some way. A focus on animal welfare and animal rights is preferred. Acceptable posts include those touching on philosophical, moral, legal, and personal issues related to animal rights or welfare, notifications of animal advocacy actions, notifications of Columbus, Ohio, or National events, etc... Topics are fairly open, but the moderator reserves the right to determine the ultimate appropriateness of any post.

3. This is NOT a place to debate animal rights or animal welfare. If you do not agree with the philosophies of animal rights or animal welfare, there is no reason for you to be in this community. We are a community of like-minded individuals who wish to further the animals' cause. Debating within the context of animal advocacy is fine, but anti-animal rights/welfare posts are UNACCEPTABLE and will be deleted.

4. Speciesist, homophobic, sexist, anti-vegetarian, anti-animal, anti-activist language will NOT be tolerated. Personal attacks on other posters is unnecessary and only acts to disenfranchise other members. Furthermore, such attacks are out of line with the progressive and compassionate orientation of animal rights and animal welfare. Having valuable, critical discussion does not include bashing others who are working for the same cause. Any comments displaying such language will be deleted. Feel free to take out your frustrations on the real enemies: corporations, businesses, producers, processors, government, etc. that exploit and abuse animals.

5. Chronic abuse of any of these rules will result in expulsion from the community. IP addresses are tracked.