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Ohio Constitutional Hijack- Big Ag Wins, Animals Lose

So, I have been meaning to write about this for some time, but haven't had the time to do it. I know most of you are not in Ohio, but beware that this could soon apply to you as well...

All over the country, constitutional abuses are taking place. We can clearly see this in the many amendments that have already successfully stripped the queer community of the basic right to marry. Constitutional amendments meant to systematically disadvantage various groups are the next big thing.

Ohio already passed an anti-gay amendment in 2004 and is now trying to pass two others that stand to take power away from the people.

Issue 2 is a proposed constitutional amendment to create a 13 member "Livestock Advisory Board" to oversee animal agriculture in Ohio. Proponents include The Ohio Farm Bureau and various commodity groups. The tag line is "Safe Local Food, Excellent Animal Care." Supposedly the board will be a "bipartisan" panel of "experts" that will evaluate, formulate, and enforce animal welfare policies for agriculture. People are already being tapped to be members of this board and so far none of them represent bipartisan interests. Several representatives of the Farm Bureau will be on the board, as will reps from several different commodity groups, and the dean of the Ohio State College of Agriculture. One position is held for a member of the "humane community" and two are intended for "consumer" representatives.

Now, given the history of the FB and the various commodity groups, it is no stretch of the imagination that the board will be dominated by BigAg interests. Classic case of, as they say, "the fox minding the henhouse." How can people whose business it is to exploit animals and consumers alike be trusted to regulate themselves?

They can't.

Furthermore, proponents claim this is also about "educating" people about farming. Not sure how that would be accomplished. But it doesn't even matter because I assure you, as someone with personal experience in dealing with these people, that they have NO desire to educate the public about agriculture. They rely on ignorance in order to perpetrate the various abuses they inflict upon animals, on people, and on local communities. If people had a CLUE what really goes on, there would be significantly fewer meat eaters-- exactly what animal agriculturalists fear.

Unfortunately most people are totally unaware of the evils of BigAg and on the surface this looks like a move toward animal welfare. Many well-intentioned consumers are supporting this measure, believing that they are helping animals. Studies show, time and again, that consumers are concerned about the treatment of farmed animals and this is playing up to that concern.

In fact, proponents of Issue 2 admit that this is a preemptive strike meant to squelch future animal welfare measures, such as those recently put into place in California and Michigan. These successes for animals and consumers have scared the pants off BigAg so they are in attack mode. If they succeed in Ohio, rest assured they will try their luck in other states in the near future.

Please, Ohio citizens, vote NO on Issue 2. Non-citizens, encourage your Ohio friends and acquaintances to vote NO. Let them know this is NOT FOR ANIMALS, it is for BigAg!
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