Zeph (surlygrrrly) wrote in foranimals,

Caring about animals is evil, immoral, and stupid

This is what we, as ethical vegetarians, are up against.

Vegetarians are Evil

It is important to know your enemy and know MORE than your enemy.

Vegetarians are often as guilty as accusatory carnivores when it comes to defending vegetarianism as a "lifestyle" choice. Vegetarainism is NOT simply a lifestyle choice. It is a political statement-- it has meaning that transcends individual action. If it did not, why would people be so damn angry about it?

Working out for 2 hours a day is a lifestyle choice. Do you really care if someone works out 2 hours a day? Does it offend you, piss you off? No. Because it is truly an individual choice. On the other hand, refusing to eat that which is deemed edible by your culture is a political statement and that is why it upsets people. They may take it truly peronally, but it is not personal. People get angry at vegetarians because we make them think about a reality that our culture has tried VERY hard to disguise. People choose ignorance, consciously or not, and being forced out of that ignorance is extremely uncomfortable.

So, they lash out at the messenger-- the vegetarian.

Why are vegetarians so angry? Because we have to deal with the anti-vegetarian onslaught EVERY SINGLE DAY and it gets REAL old! We are not trying to portray ourselves as morally superior; we are simply living in accordance with our beliefs-- something that is a challenge to many people-- and we reflect in our actions our moral processes.

So what is the solution to ending attracks from the veg-haters? Aside, I mean, from their greater incidence of disease, broken penises, infertility, and earlier deaths?
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